Ann's presentation themes & topics

Ann's KIA/MIA/POW Display at “Wreaths Across America" Commemoration, Lyon's View Veterans Cememtery, Knoxville, TN

Ann's KIA/MIA/POW Display at “Wreaths Across America" Commemoration, Lyon's View Veterans Cememtery, Knoxville, TN

For those who serve in harm's way




With solemn respect for our Missing, Fallen, and Wounded Veterans & 1st Responders, Ann's presentations include your choice of deeply reverent & stirring narrations such as her Soldier's Cross CeremonyMissing Man Table Ceremony, Invocations such as her Wreaths Across America Prayer or moving songs which honor & remember those who have sacrificed for our safety and for our freedom. Read more & watch ceremony videos on the Home Page.


Spritually speaking

faith-based presentations

Reaching across denominational boundaries Ann encourages Unity via the Spirit of God as she shares her journey along the path to learning how to walk in Mercy while holding to Grace. Listen to "One Family" theme song. 

Live Presentations: These spiritual topics & principles are often requested when she is invited to speak & sing at churches or faith-based workshops, and seminars. 

MOTL Online Library: She also hosts an Online Library of short & comprehensive Bible Studies and has authored, "Becoming the Church Guided Study Experience," a program for individuals or groups, ideal for personal enrichment or cell-ministries.

Native American Honors

Native American Honors

Videos: Ann M. Wolf has worked extensively on behalf of Native Americans to promote understanding of the beauty of their culture and spirituality as well as to teach about their warriors who changed the course of history. One example of this is her short-film, "Never Broken," which tells the story of our Code Talkers who used a code created from their native language to communicate critical messages during both World Wars. In this mini-documentary, she narrates the words of her friend, Larry Montoya, Vietnam Era Marine from the Hopi Nation, who has two blood-line & three clan line uncles who were Code Talkers. 

Honoring at Native American Gatherings: Ann receives many invitations to add her KIA/MIA/POW Ceremony along with special songs to the Veteran's Honors portion of Grand Entry at PowWows around the USA.