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New Album in Production: Number 9 in a series of album releases will be called, "A Voice for Freedom," which will feature songs & narrations that speak about Freedom of Life (which we enjoy due to the sacrifices of those who serve in harm's way) and Freedom of Soul (which we experience as a result of our personal connection to the Spirit of God). Six songs are complete & late October 2018, I will be returning to the recording studio in Florida to work on the final six cuts with long-time friend & producer, Tracy Collins. Read more about Tracy Collins Music.

New Book Release: Also near completion is my first book, "Becoming the Church, A Guided Study Experience," ideal for individuals or groups who are interested in learning to walk in Mercy while holding to Grace everywhere we go and with everyone we meet. The content covers all the basics of spiritual life as well as explore the challenges we face today and how we might support one another throughout the transformation process. The content of this book reaches beyond denominations and inspires Unity via our mutual connection to the Spirit. Several chapters of this book are already available online at my Study Library for groups or individuals. Read more.

Touring: This has been a busy year with trips across many state lines bringing the POW/MIA/KIA ceremony to others as well as music and other words of encouragement. Events have included Native American PowWows, "The Ride Home" conference in Georgia honoring living Pows & the families of our Missing. There have also been many other special events which ministered to families who are experiencing other challenges such as illness, depression, injury, or addiction. To see my schedule, keep scrolling or Read More here.

Broadcasts: I am getting more & more reports of stations who are playing my tunes. Read more about streaming partners. I have also created a page to feature a selection of Internet Radio Hosts who are keeping my songs on their rotations, something greatly appreciated. 

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