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"Redemption" The Album:

Music for your spiritual journey in Blues, Rock, Reggae, AC & World. Preview songs.

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Christmas Classic

"Mary Did You Know"

This is a classic Christmas tune and much beloved by folks around the world. Hear it now as a powerful and moving Rock Anthem. 

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Wishing You a Blessed Thanksgiving & Christmas Season & Very Happy New Year!

Wishing You a Blessed Thanksgiving & Christmas Season & Very Happy New Year!

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"Redemption" The Album: Ann M. Wolf delivers inspiration for the road you travel, driving the message of healing & hope into the heart. With Biker Blues, Southern Rock, Reggae, AC & Spiritual Classics with a Rock-Anthem twist, you will find that "Redemption" is not just for some, but for everyone. Read more & find lyrics.

"Nothin' But The Blues Without You" The Album: Delivering Blues to Cruise with, this power-packed album rocks onto the scene in many styles, yet with one inspirational message of hope. The tracklist includes a perfect blend of Delta Blues, Blues/Rock, Gospel Blues, Bayou Blues, Country/Blues & Ann Wolf originals, all about the sometimes winding path to peace. Read more & find lyrics.

"Caught Up In His Love" The Album: This fresh approach to Spiritual Music is all about the Joy of Jazz, the Power of Blues, and a celebration of timeless inspirational melodies,  blending originals and classics to produce unique perspective for the soul's journey. Read more & find lyrics.

 "A Patriot's Heart, In God We Trust" The Album: This stirring collection features songs for God & Country, traditionals for honor missions & ceremonies, all which remember the Price of Freedom. Included is "The Missing Man Table Ceremony" narration as well as classic anthems which take us from the WW2 era to the present decade. Read more & find lyrics.

 "Blessed are the Ones" The Album: In traditions of folks, AC, bluegrass, and classical, stirring orchestrations give wings to powerful messages honoring those who love, serve, and inspire us. This project celebrates God as first in our lives & culminates with an unforgettable Medley of America the Beautiful, My Country Tis of Thee, God Bless America! Read more & find lyrics.

"Remember Me" The Album: This Spirit-inspired compilation of songs celebrates the Mercy & Grace of God. With moving lyrics & exquisite, classical orchestration, each song is an unforgettable musical experience, speaking to the deepest part of the soul & to the heart of our personal relationship with God. Read more & find lyrics.

“Sonría” & “Recuérdame ” Los álbumes: Haga clic para leer más. (Click to read more in Spanish).

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Ann is currently in production for her next album which will be known as "A Voice for Freedom." This power packed project will feature Blues, Anthems, AC & other contemporary genres that will rock your soul as she brings out in her Lyrics the two kinds of Freedom: Freedom of Soul (from God) and Freedom of Life (from those who serve in harm's way). Sign up for Ann's newsletter on our Home Page for updates. 

Ann M. Wolf at Tracy Collins Music Recording Studio.

Ann M. Wolf at Tracy Collins Music Recording Studio.