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There isn't a single day that goes by that I don't listen to one of your songs or look at new postings on your timeline. It lifts me up to get through any day.”

— Vietnam Veteran Garry Johnston

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Vision & Mission as a Songwriter:

Ann M. Wolf is a Multi-lingual Songwriter & Recording Artist that composes & sings in a wide variety of genres’ (from Blues to Bluegrass) but no matter the style, she always offers a message of Hope, Healing, Unity & Redemption. Her career has taken her across the ocean to two continents & around much of the USA. In recent history, she has developed a series of powerful & inspirational recordings of which album 9 is, "A Voice for Freedom," and now available to download via CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon as well as to request on Spotify & other streaming sources.

As to what motivates her as an artist, she shares this:“There is nothing I will ever have that can repay God in Heaven for the Freedom I’ve received for my eternal soul and no words which can even begin to express my appreciation for those who have served in harm’s way in safeguarding my Liberty & Safety on earth; but I hope to honor and remember all by offering back whatever my Creator has given me for as long as I am able and in the ways that The Spirit of the Lord is leading.”

She also offers these thoughts: “I serve God and Country in remembrance of those whose sacrifice has given each of us the opportunity to acquire knowledge and pursue our God-given potential. Without Liberty, the souls of mankind see little of the Light of Day and are afforded few options. So I pray that the works of my hands and the words from my voice will bring honor to God and to all, who, throughout time, have made this sacred heritage possible. I also pray that we will resolve to work together in Unity as grateful citizens, to take responsibility for our individual part in what constitutes Freedom so that we may realize our potential as a nation while we keep the vision that is America alive.”  



Vision & Mission As Author & Chaplain  

Reaching beyond denominations, Ann is an author of inspirational blogs & articles for compassion-oriented & spiritually- minded readers. Her first book, "Becoming the Church, A Guided Study Experience," is scheduled for release in 2019.    

Other resources include music & videos as well as a reading site known as "Message of the Lighthouse Online Library."