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Own a piece of history, earned the hard way like the old days. Ann M. Wolf masterfully captures the situation and the emotion of these political hostages with her familiar style in "Stand Your Ground." You will not forget this song, and if you can listen to it without crying, you need to listen again, closer. This song rekindles the fond memories from yesteryear, and our powerful history. It will make you stand in defiant determination with tears in your eyes, for your fellow countrymen. And it will motivate your patriotic side to take action, today, before it’s too late. Please support our amazing hostages by purchasing this collection, and share this opportunity to help with your friends. God bless you and keep you.” - David Sumrall

It’s incredibly important for our voice to be heard and stand strong in the artist community. Ann M. Wolf is a patriot and fighter giving us that opportunity. Big thanks to Ann and her hard work for our suffering Americans!” - Treniss Evans

Condemned USA

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Stand Your Ground takes me back to a place where being patriotic and unwavering was an honorable trait, a time when our parents proudly passed down courage and respect to their children. This song gives me a sense of renewed strength and a reminder that sometimes, standing strong means standing alone. ” - Jalise Middleton

American Patriot Relief

I feel challenged and obligated to stand in the gap with my loudest voice to make myself be heard, as we are the voice for our brothers incarcerated as political prisoners.” - Mark MIddleton

American Patriot Relief

The music and lyrics of the song, "Stand Your Ground," captures the essence of the zeitgeist of true patriotic American citizens in this critical stage of the 21st century in our nation's history.” - Leo Gawroniak

— Historian, Teacher, Constitutionalist, Patriot Supporter



For the politically persecuted & families


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Ann Wolf's music has been such an inspiration to me and my family! Her soundtrack quickly became my favorite music to listen to. Her lyrics are so special and so unique that I felt as if she made each one for me. I strongly recommend her music to anyone who loves God, family, and their country; and to those going through struggles or having known hardships, her music will lift you up and give you hope for a better future.” - Cynthia Price

— J6 Defendant

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