(Dramatic reading, written by Ann M. Wolf, depicting the harsh struggles of those deprived of due process or civil rights. Opening remarks are followed by a profound prayer.)

With allegiance to God and the Tenets of Liberty, millions have stood up for our sacred values and done so with valor throughout our history, at times facing tyranny perpetrated by those who abandoned Freedom, whether here in our nation or serving abroad.
Recently, brave souls have been standing their ground concerning election integrity, unlawful medical mandates, protection of our innocent young, our elders, and vulnerable. They have been taking responsibility in matters of our border, legal citizenship, and public education without indoctrination. They have been standing for a clean environment, for safe and abundant energy, water & food production, while supporting our workers, farmers, and truckers.

They have labored to preserve our Constitution, including our second amendment rights, freedom of speech, as well as all traditions which teach and sustain Liberty. They have appealed to their elected officials in meetings and events with a “redress of grievances,” once considered the duty of every citizen in attending to the preservation of constitutional freedom.

These bold efforts throughout our history have customarily been documented as acts of devotion to God and Freedom, yet we have a new crisis developing. Today, instead of being understood and met with respect, what many are discovering is, that corruption is now being protected by a compromised press and even by some institutions and public officials as well.

In the process, efforts to preserve our constitutional liberties are now being branded as crimes by some who see our Constitution, military laws, and principles as outdated.
What much of the public has not yet been told is, that, in a gross over-reach on the part of certain institutions, corporations, or facets of government, hundreds of our good citizens are being expelled from their careers, disenfranchised from their communities, and even ostracized by families and friends. Hundreds upon hundreds of others are being persecuted, in dramatic, public fashion, even handcuffed and dragged from their homes in front of their families and neighbors, shunned and treated as “guilty” even before having the opportunity to prove their innocence.

As a result, many have suffered loss of residence, job, separation from their loved ones; and too many have come to know the searing sadness and loneliness that follows abandonment by the very people and nation that many defendants, at one time, had sworn to protect. A good number of our politically persecuted are veterans, 1st-responders or other public servants. These defendants & their families indeed face a level of daily stress, anxiety, and suffering that is unimaginable.

As for their legal rights to due process and a speedy trial? In the case of those arrested, we are learning that their constitutional rights have been too often usurped in favor of a crippled, slow walked, and prohibitively costly, pseudo-process proceeded by the impossible limitations of house arrest, restrictive probations, or worse yet… incarceration in solitary confinement while awaiting their day in court, suffering deplorable conditions only seen before in foreign POW camps during our world wars. The silence surrounding this miscarriage of justice and unlawful torment of our citizens is deafening.

Yet, as these who have endured much, wait and pray for justice, trying to hold on to hope, a growing number of people are waking up and stepping up to offer support of all kinds such as contacting their public officials, writing letters to inmates and families affected by political persecution. They are sending care packages to families as well as to those who have no access to clean food or water while incarcerated.

Other volunteers are alerting the public through community outreach and education as well as raising funds for proper legal help since many public defenders are politically active and operating in name only.

This rising number of active citizens are resolute and will not rest or be silenced until all our politically persecuted have been restored or until they have been set free.
And unto that glorious day, “We the People” will be their voice. “We the People” will be their friend, and “We the People” will remain their spiritual companion, as we work and pray together on their behalf.


The Invocation for those suffering persecution for Liberty’s sake and for those who stand with them…

Creator God, we pray and petition heaven for Your Mercy to rain down upon our Politically Persecuted, here in America, as we stand in solidarity with those across the world who have also been subject to terrible injury and loss or who have become defendants or imprisoned in serving the cause of Freedom.

We intercede for them today, with all our heart, soul, and mind, because they stand in our place, sometimes alone, facing the hate-filled enemies-of liberty on the front lines of hell-on-earth, a profound sacrifice which we will never be able to fully grasp or repay. Let their shackles be our shackles in that we will not rest in our labor on their behalf, until they are restored, healed or set free.

We pray that wherever these Political Prisoners and Defendants are being held or tormented, that they feel Your Holy Presence within every breath, filling them with hope, with strength to endure and with the courage to stand their ground. We ask for protection from injury, that no weapon formed against them shall prosper. We ask that all those who seek to inflict suffering upon them will feel deep, irreversible conviction, and that they will cease in participation or complacency concerning any evil works and…will do no more harm.

We ask, beloved Creator, that Your Light lead our politically persecuted, moment by moment through the valley of shadows. We pray blessings and Godly peace upon their families and that there be an outpouring of Your provision for all needs as well as for righteous legal counsel. We ask that those communities surrounding the families of the persecuted stand with them in a spirit of love, mercy, and compassion.

Divine Creator, we pray for the souls of the departed, who have passed from this world due to the evil which was perpetrated upon them as they stood for Freedom. We pray for comfort upon their families who grieve, as we grieve with them. Their precious names are engraved upon our hearts and so we pause for a moment of silence in their honor…

We pray now for the soul of our Nation asking that all ungodliness be uprooted and removed from influence or power. May Your Light become our beacon as your righteousness is restored across the land and across our planet. May we, one day soon, witness Liberty and Justice being fully implemented so that Your glorious plan for the Vision which is America, come into fruition, according to Your Will.

Beloved Creator, we thank you for each time that we gather under our banner of Liberty; and as we do so, we pledge our allegiance to You and to our Tenets of Liberty, and to our Constitution, affirming our FAITH in You to guide us through any fog of deception.
In-so-doing, we realize that it is incumbent upon us to accept the mantle of responsibility which accompanies Freedom. Therefore, help us to keep our minds focused on You, as we embrace our duties in the way we live, in the way we consistently and sacrificially serve, and in the way we teach by our example, all principles and laws of Truth and Freedom, so that Liberty may endure for all generations to come.

Finally, Divine Creator, be with us and help us grow in Love for You and others, in humility, patience, and forbearance, so we can complete the mission which you have given each of us and do so with wisdom, honor, and unity.

These things we commit to, in remembrance of all who have sacrificed before us or who are still serving or suffering in harm’s way on behalf of Liberty.
We will remain in prayer and in service until the glorious day when all the captives will be set free and returned home and all that has been lost, will be restored …and we know that whatever we will have accomplished for good, it will have been by Your Mercy and Grace.
In Your Name We Pray, Amen.

To God, from whom all blessings flow. We give you honor and thanksgiving for the freedom you have given to our soul.

The Script:
“The Ceremony in honor of the Politically Persecuted”
(Story & Invocation – © 2022 – BMI)
By Ann M. Wolf – A Voice for Freedom

The Music & Voice Narration:
Script written by Ann M. Wolf, © Copyright 2022
Storyline & Invocation Soundtracks by LeChuckz via Pond5
Recorded reading of the Ceremony by Ann M. Wolf
Studio Engineer/Vocals - Rusty Chambers, Murlin's Music World Studio, Maryville, TN