A Voice for Freedom Action Shots

Note: This photo gallery shows images from live events where Ann has presented one or more of her ceremonies or invocations in honor of those who serve in harm's way. Encouraging folks to understand the value & price of Freedom is a priority, so she travels the USA including the "Missing Man Table," & "Soldier's Cross Ceremonies" in her programs, whenever possible, especially for seasonal commemorations such as Veteran's Day or Memorial Day. For any time viewing or to stream a ceremony to your meeting, her narrations can be found on her YouTube Channel in the playlist known as "Narrations & Mini-Documentaries." You can also find many of these spoken-word videos along with scripts, photo-galleries & comments at her Music & Video Library by typing keywords into the search bar. If you are planning an event & would like to learn how Ann can support your mission, visit her Programs Page and browse options. You are invited as well, to read testimonials from event planners who speak of how her KIA/POW/MIA presentations have impacted audiences. Thank you.