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Thank you for your interest in learning how to partner with Ann M. Wolf's artistic outreach. As a team, we can bring support and encouragement to others via live or streamed programs and specially crafted audio/visual resources. 

We can also work together to encourage understanding of the two kinds of Freedom as mentioned on the Home Page. Kindly scroll to learn of many ways to participate in this effort. Thank you again for visiting this page!

Ann M. Wolf

A note from Ann about how her work is funded

By God’s Mercy and Grace

Many folks ask me how I fund my recordings and donated appearances. As an independent artist and author, I have worked in partnership with private donors and patrons of the spiritual & patriotic arts in the creation and production of my songs, CDs, and videos. These are then made available to the public for the purposes of education, encouragement, and inspiration. From the studio, these projects are funneled through social media & streaming platforms as well as retail outlets. Some of the studio, travel, and promotion costs are covered with sponsorship. Other costs are managed through the sale of music & merch, honorariums, and speaker’s fees earned at paid events; however, much of the time needed to create, produce, manage, and distribute the works is donated by yours truly. This is in fulfillment of a commitment to God according to the Two Commandments of Jesus (Love God, Love Others) as well as to do what I am able to promote understanding of the Value and Price of Freedom with respect given to all those who serve in harm's way on our behalf. 

You are a Voice for Freedom

Your prayers, purchases, bookings, streams, and contributions make a difference!

Thank you for your belief in this unique form of artistry and thank you for working together with me, to bring comfort and encouragement to those who need our support today as we also continue to teach the Tenets of Liberty in the preservation of Freedom.

May God bless and keep you in His Mercy and Grace.


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Your “Shares” and “Likes” of songs, posts, and pages is always helpful in getting the word out about this form of spiritual and compassional action artistry. Telling others how you feel about this work is a great way of being a partner! 

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