Ann M. Wolf - A Voice for Freedom E. P. K. (Press Kit)

Ann Wolf's music has been such an inspiration to me and my family! Her soundtracks quickly became my favorite music to listen to. Her lyrics are so special and so unique that I felt as if she made each one for me. I strongly recommend her music to anyone who loves God, family, and their country. To anyone going through struggles or having known hardships, her music will lift you up and give you hope for a better future.” - C Price

— Politically Persecuted Defendant

A voice for two kinds of freedom

In Ann's Words...

Essential Freedom Two Ways

Freedom of Soul & Liberty of Life: Reaching across political, cultural, and denominational boundaries, I promote understanding of the value and price of two kinds of Freedom through my artistic works.

The first is "Freedom of Soul" which is experienced via our ongoing, personal relationship with God, as we learn to follow the Two Commandments which are, "To Love God" & "Love Others" while recognizing our Unity via the Spirit of God.

The 2nd Freedom is "Liberty of Life," due to our US Constitution and Bill of Rights as written by the Founding Fathers, as continued by those who teach the Tenets of Liberty, and as secured by those who serve in harm's way on our behalf.

First Allegiance to God & Liberty: It is my belief that our first allegiance is to be pledged to God and Liberty before choosing affiliations to political parties, denominations or prior to participation in social trends.

Core Values: This is not to say that being member of a political party or religion is looked down upon. Rather, when we are clear on our primary principles, we will know which organizations to affiliate with or support. We will also recognize when organizations or groups have lost sight of those critical values or if either are attempting to enslave us once again from what we have already been set free.

Preserving history as we continue to pursue excellence: Finally, I believe that rather than toss out our history or conceal it, we should keep it alive, learn from it, and strive to live up to our potential as defined by our Constitution and as described by many great leaders and spiritual teachers throughout time, but most certainly by the standards as taught by the Master of Mercy, who is Jesus Christ.

Compassionate Action: In addition to being a voice for freedom, I support various humanitarian efforts which offer encouragement to those who are in service to others or who are recovering from mental or physical illness, injury, or addiction. I also serve as a voice for more causes that address critical issues such as homelessness, extreme poverty, and the preservation of the environment by employing the use of  common-sense innovations and technology.


Mission and Vision

A Voice for Freedom

Serving with a Grateful heart

As to what motivates and drives Ann as an artist, she shares these thoughts…“There is nothing I will ever have that can repay God in Heaven for the Freedom I’ve received for my eternal soul and no words which can even begin to express my appreciation for those who have served in harm’s way in safeguarding my Liberty & Safety on earth; but I hope to honor and remember all by offering back whatever my Creator has given me for as long as I am able and in the ways that The Spirit of the Lord is leading.”

The Price of Freedom

Honoring & remembering

Ann also says…“I serve God and Country in remembrance of those whose sacrifice has given each of us the opportunity to acquire knowledge and pursue our God-given potential. Without Liberty, the souls of mankind see little of the Light of Day and are afforded few options. So I pray that the works of my hands and the words from my voice will bring honor to God and to all, who, throughout time, have made this sacred heritage possible. I also pray that we will resolve to work together in Unity as grateful citizens, to take responsibility for our individual part in what constitutes Freedom so that we may realize our potential as a nation while we keep the vision that is America alive.”

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