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Ceremonies & Programs

Visionary Artistry: Reaching across political, cultural, and denominational boundaries, Ann supports causes, special events & memorial services with her unique, soul-stirring presentations & resources. 

Impacting audiences: Event planners & listeners alike, rave about Ann's sincere and heartfelt artistry in the way that she comforts, teaches, and inspires with her soothing voice, leaving a lasting impression. Her audio/visual resources can be streamed to your meeting or presented in person. 

Whether promoting Liberty of Life, or Freedom of Soul, on this page you can see a brief summary of some of the programs and resources that Ann M. Wolf offers. For more in-depth information and details, go to, “For Vets & 1st-Responders,” or “Spiritual Events/Ceremonies,” found on the Menu under Resources.


You work hard for us all! God is guiding you every step of the way! Thank you for your strong belief in God and Mankind! I thank you for sharing your heart!!!” - Johnny W. Herring, Jr.

— Veteran, Bexar County Constable Dept. PCT 4 Deputy · San Antonio, Texas Deputy Patrolman, Ret. Bexar Co. Adult Probation

Presentation Options

Programs & Resources

For Those Who Serve & Protect

Explore the many presentation options for your event, church, or memorial service that honor & remember. You will also find support for individuals & families who know first-hand the price of serving in harm's way or under stress. 

Programs & Resources

For the Spiritually-Minded

Explore soul-stirring presentations, ceremonies, audio-visual resources, and study plans for individuals & groups.

Outreach: Ann has shared her many creative works with churches, cell-ministries, prison programs, recovery groups & assisted living facilities. She has also worked collaboratively with honor guards & civil officials for special events. 

Healing & Recovery

Injury, Illness, Addiction

Music & More: With the contemporary sounds of Blues, smooth Jazz & AC, Ann has sculpted special songs which authentically describe the journey of those recovering from illness, injury, depression or addiction; her content also addresses grieving and loss as well as gives support to caretakers.

Healing for the Heart, Mind, and Soul: Her message is one of hope as we find comfort in our relationship with the Spirit within us and with each other.

Ann M. Wolf on location around the USA

Ann presenting KIA Ceremony at 2018 Benghazi Memorial in Jacksonville, Florida