Ann's Songs on Bongo Boy Records

Remarks by Bongo Boy founder about Ann's music

With each song, Ann M. Wolf brings us into a pleasant zone and often, she just floors us. We discover each time, more and more about her vocal talent and her songwriting is totally superb. Having her on an album always raises the bar! She is making us very proud to have this wonderful talent with Bongo Boy Records.”

— Monique Grimm, Voting Grammy Member/Founder/ Business & Marketing Manager/Producer at Bongo Boy Records

New! Consecration Revival - Volume 2


Find two of Ann's songs:

 Track 4: "Dangerous"

 Track 11: "So Full a Tears"

Review by Dick Metcalf - Editor of Contemporary Fusion Reviews 

"There's a lot of Blues that sounds "just like church," and Ann M. Wolf's "So Full a Tears," brings the power of those soulful blues right on into your living room. Ann's song, "Dangerous," is simply beautiful and the strings behind her stunning vocals will bring a tear to your eye, no doubt."