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Ann M. Wolf is partnering with Bongo Boy Records!

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Contributing her Blues, Gospel Blues, AC, Reggae, and Folk songs to different Bongo Boy Compilation Recordings (on a non-exclusive basis) has made for a wonderful partnership in getting the word out around the world about Ann's music as well as that of other Indie Artists.

Scroll to learn more about these beautiful collections of great tunes and find out which tracks Ann has added to Bongo Boy's music projects as well as which of Ann's songs on Bongo Boy recordings have Music Videos that you can watch right here on this page!

Note of Thanks from Ann M. Wolf: "Special thanks to Bongo Boy Records for their hard work on behalf of all Independent Songwriters & Recording Artists. Thanks go out as well to Bill & Kat Kenton, world-renowned Radio Hosts who together with many other faithful Indie Radio DJs & Gospel Blues Show Hosts, are succeeding in putting Gospel Blues on the World Music Map; Bill Kenton is the one who recommended me to Bongo Boy. God Bless all of you! You are making a difference in the lives of many artists."

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With each song, Ann M. Wolf brings us into a pleasant zone and often, she just floors us. We discover each time, more and more about her vocal talent and her songwriting is totally superb. Having her on an album always raises the bar! She is making us very proud to have this wonderful talent with Bongo Boy Records.”

— Monique Grimm, Founder/ Business & Marketing Manager/Producer at Bongo Boy Records

Newest Release

Track #2: "If You Were With Me"

Track #2 is Ann's song, "If You Were With Me," a tribute to those who have lost loved ones and who cherish their memories...

SONG REVIEW: Of my track on this album: 

“If You Were With Me” goes for a sweeping symphonic quality as Ann M. Wolf opts for great intimacy. Everything about the piece works wonders from the nimble guitar work to the stripped-down percussion. All of it feels uniquely balanced.

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Homestead Volume Three