Ann M. Wolf

Artist, Author, Speaker


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NOTE: This website ( serves as an electronic press kit for the media & event planners as well as a communications corner where folks can sign up for the newsletter or send a note. It also offers a brief overview of Ann's creative works and live-presentation options. If you do not find what you are looking for or would like additional content to meet your needs more specifically, Contact Ann or visit Ann's Voice for Freedom, Library of Music & Videos or her MOTL Reading Library for spiritual seekers which is also home for her, "Becoming the Church, Guided Study Experience."

Visionary artistry

God bless you, sister, for all the hard work you do for the people and things that matter in the world. You are a true champion of spirit and inspiration for many... this old, broken man included. I pray for you daily. May God be with you always. ”

— Gregory Talbot, Listener & Veteran

Ann M. Wolf

A Voice for Freedom

A note from Ann...

A Voice for Freedom: As a songwriter and author, I produce artistic works that extend across political, cultural, and denominational boundaries to promote understanding of the value and price of two kinds of Freedom. The first is "Freedom of Soul" which is experienced via our ongoing, personal relationship with God, while "Liberty of Life" is due to the sacrifices of those who have served in harm's way on our behalf.

Compassionate Action: I support various humanitarian causes & offer encouragement to those who are recovering from illness, injury, or addiction.

Speaker Programs: As I am invited, I tour the USA presenting The Soldier's Cross & Missing Man Table Ceremonies at events. I add to that additional musical or spoken-word programs on a number of inspirational topics. Read more. 

Good Reads: I provide  structured study programs for spiritual seekers who wish to learn more about living the Two Commandments, "Love God & Love Others," as taught by Jesus. Read more.

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Recording Artist

Real Music for Real Life

Audio/Visual:  The main ways in which I express these values as just described, is through the creation of specially-crafted songs, albums, narrations, blogs, books, and public presentations which address both Freedom of Soul & Liberty of Life as well as the other mentioned topics of healing, recovery, and unity via our mutual connection to the Spirit of God.

Music Genres: My style varies, from Blues to Bluegrass, but the message is always one of hope, forgiveness of self & others, healing, and redemption.

Broadcasting, Streaming & Social Media: I broadcast via Internet Radio & TV, manage several websites, plus post to YouTube, Twitter & Facebook as well as other newer social-media platforms. My music is also available to stream from most music sources such as iTunes & Spotify. Read more.


For your special event

Many meeting planners tell me that the right song or spoken word can help drive a message deeper into the heart sparking commitment and follow-through after the event is over.

Programs That Make a Difference: I offer presentations & ceremonies which I am told, have made a difference in fulfilling the purpose of special events with relevant and appropriate music as well as the spoken word. On my Programs Page you will find a complete menu of options designed to support your mission.

Remote & Streaming: I have a large library of videos and songs which can be streamed directly to your meetings.  Read more.

Faith-based Presentations: On my Programs Page you will also find inspiring content which can be added to church services, retreats, and workshops or stand alone.

Your singing is a God-send. When I heard you sing, Ann, it made me cry; that is music that connects with people, when you strike the heart :)”

— L. J. Skender, Australia

You, my friend make an extremely large impact on so very many of us.”

— Kristen Lynn, Listener & Native American Dancer

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