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A Voice for Freedom

Ann M. Wolf, Songwriter, Recording Artist, & Author

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Note from Ann M. Wolf

On this page you will find information about my KIA/POW/MIA ceremonies as well as music & video samples, but first a note of introduction...

What I do: Welcome! I am honored by your interest in my work. I serve as a voice to represent many people & causes that concern the Value & Price of Freedom as well as spiritual & humanitarian outreach.

I promote understanding of two kinds of Freedom: Freedom of Soul is experienced via our ongoing, personal relationship with God, while Liberty of Life is due to the sacrifices of those who have served in harm's way on our behalf since the inception of our Nation.

Constitutional Values: Reaching beyond politics, I also promote the teaching of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Civics, and Cursive to our young whether at school or at home, because it is impossible for a society to uphold values that they do not understand and therefore, cannot value or protect. Even as adults, we should not be far from a copy of our Constitution.

“A well-instructed people alone can be permanently a free people.” James Madison

Listen to the "Preamble & 1st Six Amendments" from my new album, "A Voice for Freedom." 

Resources online & in person

A Voice for Freedom: The main ways in which I express these values as described here, is through the creation of specially-crafted songs, albums, narrations, blogs, books, and public presentations of my KIA/MIA/POW Ceremony around the USA. I also offer my support via Internet Radio & TV, several websites, plus YouTube, Twitter & Facebook as well as other newer social-media platforms. Contact me for a complete list.  

Genres: My music style is varied, from Blues to Bluegrass, but the message is always one of hope while promoting compassionate action as well as Constitutional values.

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My Websites: This website ( is where you can subscribe to my free newsletter and see a brief overview of my creative works & services; but for more about how my audio-visual content can support you, your group, or event, visit me at Ann M. Wolf Music & Video Library. Also check out my literary site, Message of the Lighthouse Online Library for good reads & a variety of study plans for the spiritually-minded, including my non-denominational, step-by-step course known as, "Becoming the Church, Guided Study Experience."

Find Resources by Topic: Both websites, the music & video library & reading library have a search bar to help you locate topic-specific resources; and here, you can get a first look at your options by scrolling pages or mousing over the menu. If you do not find what you are looking for on my sites or have questions about how these resources can support your mission or event, feel free to drop me a line. Thank you again for stopping in and I look forward to being in touch. 

Sincerely,  Ann M. Wolf

Ceremonies which honor & remember

Ann M. Wolf's Soldier's Cross & Missing Man Table

Ann M. Wolf's Soldier's Cross & Missing Man Table